Alterations to the UK’s rules on foreign travel are set to be announced later, after industry bosses united in an appeal for the green list to be widened.

Updates to the government’s traffic light system are scheduled in the afternoon.

Travel bosses are calling for an exclusion to quarantine for fully-vaccinated people from amber countries.

Before the announcement, PM Boris Johnson said there was a “real opportunity to open up travel” this summer for those who have got two jabs.

But the outlook of European holidays could witness another hurdle, after German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested all EU countries should make British tourists quarantine on arrival to slow the spread of the Delta variant.

She said in Germany’s parliament: “In our country, if you come from Great Britain, you have to go into quarantine – and that’s not the case in every European country, and that’s what I would like to see.”

Presently, people travelling from the UK to Greece, Spain and Portugal are not needed to quarantine. Those travelling to Italy have to self-isolate for five days then take a test, while fully-vaccinated UK visitors to France can enter without isolating.

On the other hand, when coming back to the UK from most holiday hotspots on the amber list, travellers have to self-isolate for 10 days, and pay for tests.

Questioned about Mrs Merkel’s remarks on the Delta variant meaning more restrictions on British travellers going abroad, Mr Johnson remarked, “The most important thing is that we think double jabs do offer a good way forward, we think they offer the hope of travel this summer.

“More than 60% of our population have now had two jabs, I think 83% have had one jab, we’re really getting through it now. The crucial thing is, come forward and get your second jab,” he mentioned.

He further added that he wasn’t going to claim the summer would be like any other. “I don’t want to cast a pall over things but, as I said the other day, it will be different.”


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